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Tibatan mama

by Le Botaniste


4.47 (3)

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26 August 2021
Amazing bowl with brown rice, coconut-peanut butter-curry cream, steamed greens and kimchi.

This restaurant is also 100% vegan, 100% bio and gluten-free friendly. On the online menu there is also written the emissions of CO2 produced with every dish 🤩; if you want to compensate them, at the counter you can pay +2,50€ to plant a tree

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30 April 2022
Comfort food dish, tasty and nutritious.

But could be a bit more seasoned, lacked salt. The kimchi wasn’t spicy, but I’m okay with that 😝

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22 August 2022
Davvero molto buono, perfetto per la pausa pranzo.

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25 March 2022
Very appreciated by both my parents (absolutely not vegan)

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