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Most helpful reviews

It looks too healthy to be good BUT it's great. The veggies are still crunchy,

the kale is crispy, the base is garlicky and delicious and the cream is luscious !
Go and eat you greens 🟢.
Well done again well 👍👏💯

A healthy style pizza but I think they can do more to make
It tastier

Vegan pizza with a pesto base, crispy kale, broccoli, pine nuts, nut parmesan, garlic oil,

goats cheese, and mozzarella. Amazing combination and great taste. Crispy base and creamy cheese. The price of 132k (excl. tax and service charge) is a bit high. The size is good and satisfying.

So excited to try this pizza! I love pesto and veggies on my pizza. I

will say I had a similar green pizza in Thailand a few weeks ago that tops this, but this is still a solid choice.

Loaaads of greens and this time on a gluten free base which was extra ordinary

Normally gf dough is falling apart often but this was crispy and crunchy and Soo good.
The broccoli and kale on top was so well prepared and the notzarella and cream cheese was just HEAVEN...

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