Lo Han Guo Drink 罗汉果水

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🥤I like ordering the home made drinks at this coffee shop as it is authentic

& not overly sweet.
🥤They change up the variety so we can try different flavors. This one is Luo Han Guo 罗汉果, which is a kind of gourd called Monk Fruit found in China & Thailand.
🥤It is a "ying" drink as it is slightly cooling & is known to expel heatiness in the body. I drink this if I have late nights or have eaten too much fried food, which causes heaty "yang" energy in the body.
🥤It is a common medicinal herb used by the Chinese to moisten and cool the lungs, ease coughs, reduce phelgm and throat inflammation, and relieve mild constipation.
🥤The taste is mildly sweet and very slightly bitter-dry 甘. It goes well as an after meal drink. A lovely vegan and natural drink.
🥤 Only gribe is this drink costs S$1.60 as the fruit is not expensive and this is a coffee shop
💖 Day2 #veganisnotscary
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