Sweet Potato Flourless Brownie

by Kind Kones
4.49 (19)
  • Is Sweet Potato Flourless Brownie vegan? Yes! Sweet Potato Flourless Brownie is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Man this brownie is super dense and can’t believe it’s made with sweet potato. Trust

me people won’t even guess that it’s vegan. So filling! Loved it. Chocolate lovers .. please try this ! #veganisnotscary #flexivegan

Got it as a part of #sgdeals! The brownies were so wonderful! I especially liked

that they were not too sweet, just perfect. ♡♡

This is a dense fudge-like brownie with a perfect sweetness! Ingredients are sweet potato, cacao

powder, almonds, walnuts, coconut milk, and vegan chocolates. #crf

The brownie was absolutely amazing. Melts right in your mouth. Perfect gooey texture & paired

with the ice cream, it was delicious. A very high quality desert! #JAAN

Very good. The top section is a chocolate fudge/ganache type of thing, very rich and

delicious. The bottom section is a cake. I tried them separately and noticed that the bottom was of minimal sweetness and that the sweetness was from the fudge. Good way of balancing a brownie. The cake had strong hints of coconut milk. I thought I tasted coconut bits but there wasn't any on the ingredient list. One of the better brownies I ate. I couldn't eat the at one sitting, could only eat 1/4 piece each time. Not cloying at all.

I died and went to chocolate heaven😍. It was one of the best thing i

have had in my life LOL. The dark chocolate sorbet was so rich, bittersweet and creamy. It isn't icy at all! The sweet potato brownie was to die for too. It was so moist, fudgy and chocolate-ty😱 The melted chocolate glaze on top after they heated the brownie up was the final touch that sealed the deal for me haha. Chocolate on chocolate could be too much for some, but surely not for me!❤🍫❤ Btw does chocolate has traces of caffeine? I swear i was damn awake after this😂

This was $11.50 and you can pick 1 scoop of ice cream and 2 toppings.

I got pandan gula melaka w peanut brittle and coconut flakes for toppings. Not too bad, I loved the chocolatey sauce on top of the brownie, altho I felt like the inside could be more moist, chewy and fudgy as it was a little dry and crumbly for my liking. I was not a big fan of the toppings, would have preferred to have some fresh fruit maybe strawberries or bananas 😍

w/ french vanilla
ice cream was light yet creamy, it was really enjoyable and not overly

fatty or indulgent
brownie was abit soft, would personally prefer a more cakey texture (could have been a result due to the fact that it is flourless)
really loved the crunch and texture of the peanut and sesame brittle!

This sweet potato brownie was very good! I especially loved the fudgy top layer. Very

rich and decadent. Goes fantastically with almost every Kind Kones ice cream imaginable I believe. The brownie with ice cream was $11.50.

isnt a v big slice but wld recommend getting it - the fudge layer is

good, the cholocately flavour is strong and overall the brownie is dense without being overly rich wuhu 💯

the sweet potato flavour doesnt stand out but i think the sweet potato prolly contributed to the nice sweetness and texture ☺

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