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Charcoal Vanilla Ice Cream

by Kind Kones


4.51 (11)

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4 May 2021
With all the amazing flavours available these days, I somehow ignored the much loved vanilla.

This flavour is amazing. So comforting. I love the...

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31 October 2022
Claim this free junior scoop!

Today is the last day!

Thank you @veganhubby for spotting this!

Charcoal Vanilla doesn’t look...

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9 July 2021
Tasted more like coconut more than vanilla and was a bit too sweet for my

liking. Not my favourite flavour but it was pretty and they gave a generous scoop! #abillionxkinder

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12 August 2020
I am running out of slots for my favourites.this charcoal vanilla is absolute delight.

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26 July 2020
Hands down one of the best vegan ice cream!

(Along with smooch) ☺️ creamy and smooth texture, not too sweet and I love their GF cones! AMAZING!

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24 May 2020
U know what they say, once you go………..

Ingredients: coconut milk, cashew milk, vanilla, activated japanese bamboo charcoal and raw cane sugar

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2 November 2019
Love the Limited edition charcoal Kones with charcoal vanilla ice cream

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13 June 2019

It made me replete and left a pleasant subtle smoky feeling in my mouth.

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23 July 2020
A black coloured vanilla ice cream did throw me off a bit initially in the

best way 😜 tastes just like regular vanilla ice cream with a hint of coconut that I feel is present in all kind kones ice creams

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28 April 2021
Ice cream tastes better when eaten from the pint.

Ice cream tastes the BEST when you know it didn’t harm anyone in the making :)

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