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Black Forest Ice Cream

by Kind Kones


4.39 (28)

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19 April 2021
My new favourite.

Yummy brownie blends well with the berries. Good option for fruity-flavour lovers. This is gluten free and I had it in their delicious gluten-free...

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25 April 2019
I never considered myself a black forest fan but ahhh I loved the cakey chunks

in this and the cherry compote swirl ugh so delish but way too pricey to ever get again lol

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1 May 2019
This black forest (bottom) ice cream contains coconut, cashew, and almond milk, vanilla, brownie chunks,

and cherry compote. It is surprisingly not very sweet as you won't need to drink water just to balanced out the sweetness. It has a nice creaminess as...

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7 August 2022
You can see I clearly had a very sweet weekend 😬 and this was my

favourite and sweetest moment of them all.

Really loved this ice cream from kind jones which had a lot going for it. The chocolate chunks, the fudge, the raspberry, and so much...

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19 June 2020
I love a sweet potato brownie and this paired with their in-house black forest

flavor is just *chef’s kiss*. I got mine with their granola and it was a great pairing. Usually sweet potato brownies tend to be a little dry, but this was perfect and it gets brownie points for being healthy as well!

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16 January 2021
The black forest ice-cream had a vanilla base, and was dotted with chewy chocolatey

brownie chunks and tart cherry compote throughout. Indeed like a black forest cake in frozen form! Made with a trio of coconut, cashew, and almond milk, so there wasn't an overly strong taste of any one particular plant-based...

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21 December 2020
Enjoying an ice cream cone while my child enjoys a kiddie ride is what I'd

want to do everyday because she'll take my ice cream after her ride ends. It's one of the reasons moms have late night snack attack. 🥲

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7 November 2020
My new fav at kind kones - it tastes fruity, chocolatey, fudgey and vanillay all together!

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22 June 2020
It looked like chocolate and chips but tasted like berries!

I like the occasional burst of flavours here

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