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  • Mexican Buddah Bowl

Mexican Buddah Bowl

by Kind Kitchen


4.57 (7)

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1 September 2021
Very colourful and full of nourish!

Buddha bowls are definitely perfect at the kind kitchen!

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1 August 2021
It was okay, not my favorite from their menu.

Ordered it as takeout not sure if the box is eco. But there wasn't extra plastics, carton mainly. Maybe better to have there.

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11 February 2022
Mexican style buddha bowl.

It had black beans, sweet potato, breaded and fried seitan strips, guacamole, green leves, cherry tomatoes and chili sauce.

I payed 8,5€.

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18 October 2020
Mexican black beans, roasted sweet potato, breaded and fried seitan strips, guacamole, green leaves, cherry

tomatoes and chilli sauce. Very tasty Buddha bowl, great combination of many flavours and not too spicy.

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22 June 2020
Perfect mixture of typical Mexican cuisine.

Very satisfying and delicious.

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3 March 2020
Great taste, very satisfying and probably the best bowls you will find in Porto.

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22 July 2021
The picture is not so good, but the flavour is amazing, believe me.

This dish has: mexican black beans, sweet potatoes, guacamole, seitan fried tenders, chilli souce, green salad, tomatoes. It's really fantastic combination, and the best vegan mexican food I Have ever had.

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