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I absolutely love this because it means not missing out when your omni friends order

KFC 🌎💚🌱 it tasted exactly how a KFC burger should taste - like delicious, greasy, satisfying junk food. Vegan Mayo inside and crunchy lettuce. I love the packaging too, no chance of accidentally eating chicken. Yahooooo! Thanks, KFC!!

Really enjoyed this, even my meat eating boyfriend did. The quorn was tasty and the

breading was nice. The mayo tasted like KFC original mayo. Would definitely buy again

In December, I had a chance to try the NEW KFC Original Recipe Vegan Burger

which is available in Ireland and the UK!

KFC partnered with Quorn and coated the Quorn Vegan fillet with their 11 herb and spice coating which is then fried in vegetable oil.

The burger includes lettuce, vegan mayo and a sesame seed bun and it sure is really tasty!!! Here’s hoping it comes to SA soon so you can try it too! (I couldn’t have fries as they are made in the same oil as the popcorn chicken.)

I’ve never liked KFC but this burger is so nice!! A little too much pepper

for me but I’m fussy with heat/spice. The mayo was really nice, but like usual takeaway burgers the lettuce wasn’t great but much better than McDonald’s and seemed pretty fresh! A good value at £3.99 but it doesn’t come with the chips (and the chips are cooked in with the popcorn chicken anyway). Overall would buy again!!

Alright flavour- decent quorn burger. The Mayo is okay too, but just a bit basic.

Can we get more than just a ch*cken burger and mayo!?
The outside of the burger was spicy, crispy, and hot, but could have done with some more spice...
good for a quick lunch!
*remember KFC chips aren’t vegan as they are cooked in the same same oil as chicken!

My partner thought the chicken itself was tasty, but for me it tasted too much

like chicken, and it put me off. The rest of the burger was pretty sad, see 2nd picture for "salad". I put some extra cucumber and nandos perinaise in it, which made it a fair bit tastier. Wish I'd had some tomatoes/lettuce etc too. We paid £2.75/burger which I thought was acceptable, but I would not buy it again, and DEFINITELY not at full price £5.49 for just this very sad burger alone.

Never a fan of KFC, but this burger was amazing! As for the fries, wished

I took it back 😭😭. I found out not only it isn't vegan, but it's Not vegetarian either!! Even I’m a vegetarian, I automatically assumed it was!! Now got to start over my 5 month record. Sorry mother earth 😢. Overall, 4 star for the burger, but flat 0 for the fries!!

I haven’t had KFC in years but the breadcrumbs on this burger are EXACTLY how

I remember it tasting. The texture is great, the mayo is great, it’s exactly what we deserve after years of mushy vegetable burgers. Marked it down on nutrition but no one goes to KFC for a healthy meal so realistically who cares? (EDIT: I didn’t take a photo so nicked this one from Twitter)

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