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Chick’n Burger

by Kaylee's Eatery


4.13 (8)

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20 November 2022
A burger lover’s burger. The toppings make this burger as well as a decent serving

of chips. Very satisfying.

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I got to try the Chick’n burger when I ordered the trio of sliders at

Kaylee’s sometime last year. The Chick’n slider was my favourite (all three were good though), so naturally I had to get the full burger this time. Sadly, this time around, it wasn’t nearly as good as I remembered it 😅😪 the chips tasted old, which sucked. The burger was still nice, just not super flavourful. That coleslaw on the burger definitely saved the meal 🔥

💰: R132

#veganinsouthafrica #veganin2022

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Probably one of the nicest chickn style burgers I've had apart from my hubby's! The

coleslaw is a winner, not drowning in mayo like many, and the patty is superb. Another winner from Kaylee's. 🍔

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Kaylee’s is one of those places where you look at the menu and think to

yourself, arghh another over priced vegan spot. However, when the food comes you really are not disappointed. The chips were cooked perfectly and the burger has a garlic sauce that is to die for. Everything works together. So while it might be on the expensive side for some patrons, the food is excellent and we had no regrets. Would return in future.

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Rated by my non- vegan husband. Good chick’n burger with healthy coleslaw and sufficient mayo.

Thick cut chips are always a winner. Will definitely get it again.

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Hate the name, even with the ‘ .. just can’t used to it. The burger

is pretty good though 🙂

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