Breakfast Burrito

  • Is Breakfast Burrito vegan? Yes! Breakfast Burrito is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Tortilla wrap, tofu scramble, roast tomato salsa, black beans, vegan cheese, spinach, red onion and avo

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Most helpful reviews

A very tasty and filling breakfast burrito with retried beans, scrambled tofu, avocado and queso

sauce. Hits the spot every time 👌💚

A nourishing, extremely moreish burrito. Filled with golden tofu scramble, beans, creamy guacamole and a

tangy green sauce. Highly recommend for a filling brekkie or anytime meal.

Had this filling Breakfast Burrito from Kaylee's on Tuesday.
The quantity is definitely worth the price.


only thing I'd change is the chorizo as the taste was barely present.
It needed a bit more heat!


Scrambled tofu, butternut queso, spiced black beans, salsa and avocado, wrapped in a tortilla.


was ok, my least favourite dish from Kaylees. It lacked flavour and was dry, but beautifully presented.

My first time at Kaylee's for breakfast, and they did not disappoint. Filling, flavorsome, fabulous!


Tortilla wrap filled with all kinds of goodies: scrambled tofu, spicy ‘chorizo’, black beans, avo

and a creamy butternut queso. Yum breakfast option if you’re feeling hungry!

Hmmm, I really didn’t enjoy this. Was really bland-unless my tastebuds have become wonky 🤷‍♀️

and needs some sort of spice
Nicely presented tho

One of my go-to breakfasts and this one checks all the boxes!

A delicious Mexican breakfast burrito, complete with avo, mince, tofu and salsa. Defs order again.

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