Pekantærte Cheesecake (Pecan Pie Cheesecake)

by Kaf
4.65 (4)

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Most helpful reviews

Deliziosa cheesecake alle noci pecan. Fantastica davvero!
Pastecceria-caffetteria 100% vegan a Copenaghen! Dovete provarla!

The lighting in Kaf was very dim, so it was REALLY hard to get some

nice shots, but I tried my best.🤞🏻 My family went to Kaf to get cakes with my cousin who moved to Copenhagen last year. 🚚💨 Her and my mum got the Raspberry Cheesecake, my dad got the "Turtle" Cheesecake, my brother got the Oreo Cheesecake, and I got the Pecan Pie Cheesecake.🍰 Everyone LOVED their own cakes, but agreed that mine was the best one at the table. I give it 10/10 - it was exceptionally incredibly delicious. The crust was nice and crumbly, followed by a sweet pecan pie filling layer and a creamy, convincing cheesecake layer, topped with pecan nuts and a CARAMEL glaze type thing!🤤 YES, it's even better than it sounds!!!💗 (I scored Nutrition high because this is nutrients for the soul, right??)

Very well done cheesecake. The base was crunchy enough and the “cheese” very compact! The

caramel and pecan nuts on top were perfect. Totally recommended!

Quite a good cheesecake this one! The texture was nice, and it was just the

right level of sweetness in my opinion. Ohh and those pecan chunks on the top? Top notch 🥰

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