Signature Brown Sugar Soymilk

by Jollibean
3.84 (5)
  • Is Signature Brown Sugar Soymilk vegan? Yes! Signature Brown Sugar Soymilk is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews


Brought my own cup and could only get a top down shot. The auntie was

really nice about us bringing our own cups! Really happy to have dairy-free #bubbletea. It's not bad but it was way too sweet, I diluted it with water. Could do with half the amount of sugar.

Desperate attempt to get bubble tea during circuit breaker and it didn't disappoint. The brown

sugar was a nice touch to an otherwise healthy, guilt free soy bean drink. However, one interesting thing (maybe better this way) was that the pearls themselves didn't taste so sweet, maybe because the brown sugar was so strong.

Tried this last week! Their pearls were better than Mr Bean's but still not anywhere

on soft as usual bbt places go. The brown sugar layer becomes settled after awhile even if your mixed it which makes it quite sweet after awhile. This particular Jollibean outlet is hard to byo. I did so once but still saw they used a disposable to measure and threw it right after (my keepcup has measurement lines tho 😭) Lid and cup's plastic is ♻️5 so it isn't too bad, gave both a good wash before popping into the recycle bin. #boba

Not too bad, the soy milk was not too sweet! Obviously still a long way

from the brown sugar milk drinks I have tried from other places but it was decent! The brown sugar syrup kind of gets congealed at the bottom so you have to be sure to stir it.

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