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Peanut porridge

by Jeun VirtueFarm 浚德田


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19 July 2021
Friend surprised me by spending time with me!

Bought this to share for tea break. It is so smooth, the peanut so big and soft., the ginger was so nice and the 鸡丝 like real chicken 😂 many sesame oil was put. If just a bit less salty I will give 5 star ⭐️😃

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19 November 2021
Porridge is #comfortfood and vegetarian porridge isn't that common to find.

It is fragrant and soothing and nice to eat with the herbal soup (not a full bowl of soup that'll be too much). I find the taste of the fish porridge more outstanding though, it has additional layers of flavour. #veganisnotscary 🥣

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