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Vegan Chunky Munky

by Jessy's Waffles


4.38 (10)

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2 July 2019
Perfect on a cold Cape Town morning!

Best waffle I’ve had in a long while. They have tons of savoury options too if sweet is not your go to.

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9 July 2020
This is my favourite waffles.

Not to sweet. Lot of different ones to choose from

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27 December 2019
One of my favourites.

Can't go wrong if you like vanilla, chocolate & peanut butter with maple syrup.

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6 July 2019
Great waffle but I would prefer to have the toppings on the side instead of

having it cooked inside.

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16 May 2020
Very rare to find an entirely gluten-free and vegan eatery.

Their waffles are so creative with many savoury and sweet options. This options is rich and chocolatey...

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23 October 2019
I'm sure this combo of flavours and textures works for some people but wasn't

a huge fan. The banana in the waffle made for an unusal texture, but the tastes were nice (as always with Jessy's). It also looks less fun than most of the waffles here.

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10 August 2019
A fairly standat sweet waffle, veery tasty, but prehaps a little on the dry side.


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6 July 2019
Best vegan waffles I’ve ever tried !

Chocolate brownies, mashed banana and peanut butter 🤤 #greyton

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6 April 2020
Very yummy waffle, just a bit dry without the coconut cream!

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