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My Sweet Captain

by Jessy's Waffles


4.56 (28)

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24 July 2020
Probably my last treat from Jessy’s.

Hoping they will make a comeback after this pandemic. Please go and support them before 24 August if you can - They have a great special of 2 waffles with coconut cream for R100.

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21 September 2020
My absolute favorite place for waffles, such a bonus they’re gluten free too!

Love it.

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14 August 2020
One of my favourite sweet waffles that is super yummy.


Vanilla base topped with

coco-caramel, choc...

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5 November 2020
The ultimate #chocoholic delight.

Consumed pre lockdown but still thought about daily! 😍 I really hope Jessy’s returns soon!

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15 August 2020
Perfectly crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside.

The sauces and crunch give just the right amount of sweetness.

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12 August 2020
Chocolate chips, coconut caramel and hazelnut sauce and vanilla waffle.

What more could you want! A winner!

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28 July 2020
These are the absolute best waffles in town!

The my sweet captain is rich and decadent so don’t order it if you don’t have a sweet tooth. For me and my sweet teeth it was amazing

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15 June 2020

Wish I could eat here every day!

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21 September 2019
Indulgence at its best with this sweet waffle PLUS vegan ice cream because why not?

Featured here with or without banana. I always order mine with banana because it’s delish. Yum in just every way and gluten...

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27 January 2020
“My Sweet Captain” gluten-free vegan waffle from Jessy’s Waffles.

A vanilla base topped with hazelnut sauce, lashings of coco-caramel, choc chips, crunch and a crack of sea salt!

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