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La-gringa 2.0

by Jessy's Waffles


4.65 (8)

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11 August 2019
I was never a savoury kinda gal UNTIL I tried this Mexican inspired beauty &

woooow it is delish! Guac, salsa & vegan cheese = a vegans dream! #greyton

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11 August 2019
Super tasty waffle with a slight Mexican vibe.

I love the cheese inside! #greyton

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28 July 2020
It was so good!

Highly recommend supporting Jessy's waffles. This Mexican waffle was so good. #greyton

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14 June 2020
This place is THE PLACE!

Waffles never tasted so dam goood. And their gluten-free and vegan of course!

Not only do they do waffles but they also offer flapjacks, coffees, milkshakes, ice scream and...

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6 January 2020
Best savoury waffle I've ever had!

Usually I prefer sweet waffles, but this bbq based waffle with black beans, corn, guacamole and salsa is by far the best combination!

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23 October 2019
This was excellent!

I have honestly never thought about putting black beans or guac on a waffle but here ya go! It's really nice. Jessy's does it again!

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22 September 2019
Amazing savory waffles at Jessy’s - a little spicy but not too much.


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31 August 2020
I really enjoyed these last waffles from Jessys waffle.

The sauce was probably my favorite part

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