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by Jessy's Waffles


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1 July 2019
This incredible waffle creation from Jessy's Waffles is so delicious: the base is filled with

vegan cheese and courgette, and its topped with avo, cherry tomatoes and Jessy's homemade beetroot hummus! Yummm!

#veganwaffles #greyton #jessyswaffles

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18 July 2019
Cold winters day at Jessys Waffle.

The savory fritaffle my mom ordered was so delicious. #greyton

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14 August 2020
One of my favourite savoury waffles that has vegan cheese on the inside served with

avo & delicious Beetroot hummus.

‘cheezy’ courgette topped

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11 August 2019
Super tasty, I just can't get enough of the cheese filling!

Gluten free too. #greyton

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10 August 2019
One of thier best savory waffles, filled with melted cheas what could be better!


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27 December 2019
Great savoury waffle that is a must.

Cheesy base that makes it super delicious.

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25 August 2020
Again, this picture looks very underwhelming.

But the waffle was actually incredible! I’m not a fan of savory foods like this - but the cheese and zucchini in the waffle added so much flavour. The beetroot hummus was amazing...

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18 January 2020
Was very yummy, love the savory waffles, the base was perfect and the toppings 🤤

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1 July 2019
Fast and friendly service, lots of flavours and great presentation.

Overall a place to go to!! #greyton

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