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by Jessy's Waffles


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4 January 2020
Sorry for the pic... I realized as soon as I ate it... take a photo!

This waffle is so delicious (pity I only took half a portion, but I hate wasting food and trust me half a portion was enough haha). #NotPiggingOut #CrueltyFree #VeganWaffle #JessysWaffles #Vegan #Waffle #Bodaffle #Vegans #SouthAfricanVegan #CapeTownVegan #BonApeTaste #CrueltyFree #VeganEats #VeganSweet #Treat

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22 December 2019
Delicious chocolate waffle with a sweet tahini filling.

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9 November 2020
Turkish delight ice cream, salt and rose petals on the most chocolatey brownie 🥳


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29 July 2020
Version 1.0!

Wish they were staying open so that we could experience it again

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24 July 2020
LOVED this gorgeously decadent monthly original from Jessy's.

This establishment never fails to deliver on freshness, good service and perfectly relaxed atmosphere for a catch up. The portions are generous and the options are plenty!

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1 May 2020
This was so delicious.

The ice cream at Jessy's waffles is so creamy and yummy.

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3 January 2020
I absolutely adore every meal I eat at Jessy's Waffles.

This chocolate waffle has been my favourite so far. Very decadent and sweet. I am not a fan of the Turkish Delight flavour in general, but this ice-cream was refreshing, if a bit too sweet for my...

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18 January 2020
Delicious waffles, the restaurant has a good variety of sweet and savory

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29 July 2020
Bring it back!

I need another chocolate coma please

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