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Most helpful reviews

I am so happy there is a vegan option a Jerry’s now 🥳 also awesome

that they opted for urban vegan which is a local brand instead of beyond (which tastes too close to real meat for me to be able eat it 🤮 and also imported and expensive ). So yay 👏👏👏 their fries are also amazing
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A really tasty vegan burger, I think they use the urban prime patty’s.
Not much

else today - just a good classic burger, would definitely order again. 😋

This burger is good, my husband would like it with a bit more sauce but

I enjoyed it, nothing is dry on it! Chips are great too!

I saw the advertisement for this and just had to have it! It was delicious

- will definitely order it again #veganin2020

This burger was slapped together without any thought about presentation. The taste was nice and

it’s a decent portion, it filled me up, but I had better burgers in other restaurants.
It costs 150 rand, very expensive and definitely not worth the price.
This is the only vegan burger option on the menu so you are sort of forced unless you pick something else.
I don’t think I would order this burger again, and if we happen to go to Jerry’s, I would make sure not to go there hungry until they improve their menu.

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