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German Chocolate Cake

by Jennifer Pennifer Bakes


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22 January 2020
After eating at the Vegan Joint we were in the mood for some coffee and

a little treat. This bakery is just a couple doors down so we decided to take a chance and see if they had anything that was vegan. Turns out they had more in their lovely glass case than we expected.

I ordered a slice of the German Chocolate Cake, as it is by far my favorite. Regretfully the cake did not have the traditional pecan, coconut topping. It really should have been labeled just a chocolate cake because it had chocolate cake and chocolate frosting and just had coconut sprinkled on top and that’s not the same thing. I went in expecting one thing, ended up with something else and then felt a little disappointed. The cake was good but again not what I was expecting. My husband ordered the apple crumb which we were told was one of their most popular choices. Unfortunately we found it way too sweet. Either the apples were dehydrated to start with or cooked too long and dried out and it made them a chewy unappetizing consistency.

I will say the service was exceptional and both women were incredibly friendly and very helpful, unfortunately we just didn’t find their baked goods to be what we were hoping for. Perhaps we’ll try something different as we would go back and try again.

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