Chorizo Burrito

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This was probably my favorite meal in NYC. We were supposed to split this burrito,

but I took most of it.🤣 It had Spanish rice, refried beans, a LOT of #vegan chorizo, and guacamole. The outside was covered in two different salsas and sour cream. The green salsa was delicioussss and definitely my favorite. The Spanish rice had such great seasoning, and this chorizo was great. The burrito had a bit of spice, 🌶but nothing too much. It was also a great value for $16. (It was HUGE)

You really won't be disappointed coming here. The vibe and atmosphere are unreal, and the quality of food matches!

#veganisnotscary #vegannyc #nyc #abillionlove #ditchdairy #dairyfree

Amazing what can I say great staff great restaurant very clean very tasty you have

to be here

I loved this burrito and the sauces that came on top of it! It was

stuffed with vegan chorizo, refried beans, and Spanish rice. Super satisfying. The only thing I would change is the ratio of the fillings - it was heavy on the chorizo and I would have liked more of the other stuff. But I’d definitely get this again.

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