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Vegetarian Red Curry

by Jai Thai


4.47 (3)

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28 May 2022
Ordered the medium size which cost $12 and with rice it's really filling.

The curry was on the sweeter side and I would have wanted more savoury than sweet. It's a smooth, nice consistency. Lots of ingredients.

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18 October 2020
A lovely, fragrant and PRETTY spicy red curry (that didn't look very red).

I like my Thai curry to be a bit more textural usually and this was super smooth but I enjoyed it a lot, nevertheless. Loved the basil in it!

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6 December 2022
I really enjoyed their green curry so now i tried this.

Flavourful n tasty,but this was slightly on the sweet’ish side as compared to the green curry.

Chose the lightest spicy level, wld go for medium next round.

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