J. Lucy

by J. Selby's
4.37 (6)
  • Is J. Lucy vegan? Yes! J. Lucy is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

My first time ever having a juicy lucy and yep, even though ya know the

cheeze will ooze out and burn your mouth you still go ahead and take a bite immediately when it's served.... Because who can wait a second longer? 😂 I added their house bacon and it was amazing! Burger of the week though, hopefully they make it permanent.

This is delicious but beware the cheese inside the burger is super hot! Get the

fries too🙂

As a vegan and recent Minnesota transplant, I've heard many stories about the famed Jucy

Lucy. I've toyed with the idea of making my own with Beyond Burgers, so imagine my surprise that J. Selby's had one! The burger didn't look especially impressive, but I suppose that's the charm of a Lucy. The meat and cheese are supposed to be the main event. It tasted exactly like a Beyond Burger, but the cheese inside wasn't especially melty. I imagine that would be a challenge with a vegan cheese that doesn't melt the same as dairy cheese. Overall it was fine, but I'll definitely check out other menu items next time I'm here.

So good! A Beyond Burger filled with cheeze and tomato, lettuce, onion, and mayo. The

cheeze could have been meltier I think, but still real tasty!

My omni boyfriend ordered this dish and said it was mind boggling that this burger

was completely plant based. He wasn't as impressed with the taste because it was just another burger, BUT it was filled with molten cheese on the inside that spilled out when cut open. He said the fries were the star of the show!

The J. Lucy was great! It thought it was going to be dry when it

arrived at our table, but within my first bite the cheese was oozing out of the burger! Loved it!

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