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  • Vegetable Balls With coconut curry Sauce
  • Vegetable Balls With coconut curry Sauce

Vegetable Balls With coconut curry Sauce

by IKEA Alexandra


4.04 (10)

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30 August 2021
Went to Ikea just for this.

The coconut curry is awesome and complements the plant balls very well. Must try. #ikea

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5 April 2022

Delicious platter with so many veggie balls! They don't really resemble meat as they're made with whole foods, super delicious and flavourful! The curry is made from coconut and it's on the spicy side, omg it's so delicious and goes very well with the balls and even the...

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14 September 2020
I forgot the price but this was really delicious!

Brocolli and potatoes and curry sauce goes very well with the lovely veggie balls, very nutritious!

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16 November 2020
The veggie balls had good texture and taste.

Curry was delicious!

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28 October 2020
The curry had a strong coconut taste, and was pretty spicy!

Went well with the vegetables balls that were chock full of assorted vegetables. Broccoli was gross and soggy but oh well #veganisnotscary

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24 October 2020
Curry was a little coconut-y which is not bad.

Not a fan of the broccoli since it was like boiled and slightly mushy. The vegetable balls are grain-y in texture rather than meaty. Very different from their ‘plant balls’ which have a more meaty...

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1 December 2020
Much inferior than the plant balls!

Very mushy. But the curry is nice.

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15 November 2022
the curry was nice!

veggies balls were alright, not super impressive :)

decent option but not the most filling meal 😅

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10 October 2020
For any no grain dinner lovers, this is a great meal.

The minimal flour in the binding is great. I love everything garlic and coconut so this coconut curry was absolutely delicious. Full...

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7 August 2021
The portion was ok, the number of vegetable balls was decent and didn't expect

that they used coconut for the curry sauce which is really good.

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