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Pumpkin Ramen

by Idealite Bugis Village


4.07 (3)

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20 March 2019
Pumpkin miso is a unique combination but my mom didn’t like it 😅 The

noodles were over cooked aka too soft to be enjoyable, and was the ban mian (flat) kind and not ramen. #noodles #pumpkin #miso

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10 June 2018
had the set which came with a drink (i chose pumpkin barley) and salad!!

quite tasty but the portion was a little small because the set meal's cheaper than ala carte (which is bigger)

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21 June 2018
Quite nice but overrated tbh.

I think the ramen can be easily bought and the soup is orange but mostly tastes of miso. P healthy I Guess!

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