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  • Mexican Bowl

Mexican Bowl

by I Am Vegan Babe Cafe


4.84 (9)

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16 April 2022
One of my all time favorites. The vegan beef is very tasty and the guacamole

just makes it perfect. I do wish the portion was a bit bigger though :)

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2 March 2023
Delicious and fresh. Every part of this dish was delicious. Be warned though, even though

this is on the lunch menu, this is NOT a light meal. I felt uncomfortably full afterwards!

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Rich taste 👅
Not nice tomatoes tho
Dunno why all resto use this type half green


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I love the taste it’s really amazing, the portion could be bigger for me tbh

I always order an extra side dish ☺️

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My favorite dish at the restaurant! Very tasty and one of the healthiest option in

my opinion!

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