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There is a reason why its perceived as the best cinnamon roll out there. U

have to try it to believe it.

Divine and the vegan cream cheese on TOP. This cafe is fantastic, they even do

vegan schnitzel and shrimp

World’s best cinnamon roll. Hands down. No competition.
Was suggested through Instagram and I am so

Moist, so fresh, so so sweet (in a good way) and so soft. It’s like you’re eatIng sweet clouds.
Honestly go to Bali and have at least 3
#dessert #pastry

Cinnamon roll was soft even if you don't eat this on the spot. The cream

was also give a nice touch to the cinnamon roll and you can taste a hint of coconut. If you are not a big fan of sweets, I would recommend to separate these two because the cinnamon roll was already sweet enough

I ordered these babies by gojek.
They arrived with the glazing separately which is a fantastic

They are just delicious. I had one fresh, and I will keep the rest and reheat for breakfast which is possible because of the glazing on the side.
If you hate coconut be aware that the cream glazing (vegan) as a light coconut taste. I loved it.

The Cinnamon it self is really good, but the vanilla sauce is really bad. I

only ate the part that not covered by the sauce.

Damnnnn! This coconut cream pudding on top was amazing but then the cinnemon roll itself...warmed

up.... Wow!!!! Not health bit hey...we know where the gym is;)

I apologize for the look of this most amazing vegan cinnamon roll I have ever

had! Lucky though that I remembered to have to take a photo before it was too late :)
Don’t even hesitate if you ever pass by here..

The photos speak for themselves!! Tastiest cinnamon rolls I’ve had since going vegan!

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