Dairy-Free Waffles

  • Is Dairy-Free Waffles vegan? Yes! Dairy-Free Waffles is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.34 (20)

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I am v impressed that they changed most dairy items (in chijmes outlet ) to

mostly dairy free items in the keong siak outlet! Go try! They also offer tea and drinks too. Limited to 1 hr dinning. We went at 3ish pm and q for awhile as many peopleeeeeee! Got 3rd level seatings where it was the sitting on the mat style (lucky wore pants or else will sit till tired). Order yourself via the kiosk and they will serve the foodie shortly to you.
We have ordered vegan matcha & hazelnut gelato with dairy free waffle (love these!) Waffle is cripsyyyyy and good! #veganin2020

Go to place to get vegan waffles. The chocolate sorbet was nice too!

Wow! This is one of the best waffles I have ever tried! Texture is light

and fluffy and it has a nice hint of cinnamon. There are a great selection of ice cream, all of which are vegan. I chose the chocolate flavor, which is splendid and has a perfect sweetness. The toppings on the ice cream added a nice crunchy texture akin to rice crisps. Definitely coming back for more 😋🥰 #abillionlove

Haven't had decent vegan waffles for a long time 🤤 this was soft and quite

fluffy, with a hint of cinnamon. Some of my non-vegan friends said they've had fluffier/more buttery versions, but I personally loved it so I'd definitely be back for more! Had this with the hojicha gelato which was great as well #veganuary

🧇 Best vegan waffles in town! 🧇
It was both crispy and fluffy. I got it

with the cookies and cream matcha ice cream that also tasted great 😋

Cinnamon Waffles: Damn...I couldn’t even tell this one was vegan. So crunchy, dense and not

too airy. The cinnamon flavour was strong, but in a good way (I’m not a cinnamon lover but I could marry this waffle). The top layer of the waffles was coated with maple syrup and a sprinkle of matcha powder and (icing sugar?) Matcha cookies and cream is for the sweet tooth-ed people but it only complemented the waffles in my opinion since we ordered two drinks that were relatively bitter.

The Hvala at Keong Saik is completely vegan which is pretty cool! On to this

heavenly plate of waffles, i ordered it and topped it off with a scoop of hojicha and matcha (°2) gelato. This waffles and gelato were definitely a match made in heaven as these were one of the best waffles ive had. Crispy, light and airy, this paired so well with the “creamy” and rich gelato, hence i was extremely impressed with this dish! Will definitely be back for more🤤

Enjoyed this so much! It isn’t cheap (11.80 for waffles with one scoop matcha ice

cream plus 5.80 for additional scoop of genmaicha ice cream) but it really hit the spot. The waffles were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and felt quite light. Could have done without the drizzle of syrup though - but it could be because I prefer to taste the bitterness of the tea ice creams.

How could one pass on vegan waffles? There is a nice slightly charred crisp, sprinkled

with matcha powder. Got a scoop each of the matcha cookies and cream and hojicha gelatos. Truly tha bomb

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