Custard Danish

  • Is Custard Danish vegan? Yes! Custard Danish is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Not really a sweet tooth but I’m in love with this vegan custard danish.. Flaky,

smooth and the custard melts so beautifully in your mouth.

honestly, not impressive and not as filling as I thought it would be... but very

easy to feel "jelak" as a Singaporean would say it (i.e. "sick of eating") 😬🫠 just my opinion though!

Creamy custard pastry! Lovely to see HVALA creating more vegan pastries in- house

We were lucky to have this fresh out of the oven - a very nice

pastry though I didn't find that it stood out as excellent compared to their other amazing desserts.

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