Caramelised Sobacha Gelato

  • Is Caramelised Sobacha Gelato vegan? Yes! Caramelised Sobacha Gelato is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

It’s my first time trying sobacha gelato and this didn’t disappoint. This oat milk gelato

was chewy and fragrant. Hwala doesn’t disappoint with its good selection of vegan options! I will definitely be back for more :)

This Caramelised Sobacha gives a nutty toasted crunch with this gelato’s oat milk base. It

does melt easily than most vegan ice creams. This is the closest to a sea salt caramel flavour (Kind Kones OGs will know that flavour is elite and… discontinued)

Pretty interesting, with the texture and all. Not a fan but pretty healthy and sweet

#soba — buckwheat 🌾

The ice cream has a slight roasted taste with a sweet

taste, not too sweet which i like! 🍨

There are small little bites in there which I have no idea what they are ahhaha

Nice thing is that i had it at night and it had no caffeine, so I could sleep well 😴

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