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Brownie and Ice Cream

by Hvala CHIJMES


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21 June 2021
sorry for the warped photo, my friend edited this pic as a joke. i got

the vegan brownie with the matcha cookies and cream gelato. loved the gelato! it was a tad sweet but still delicious. the brownie was also nice but a little sweet. it was also a bit dry, but still good. glad this place has so many vegan options!

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Among the really good brownie options in Singapore, especially if you love a gooey one.

The matcha ice cream wasn’t bitter and paired very well. Highly recommend this option . Was delish 😋 #veganisnotscary

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I was glad to go splitzies on this oh so chocolatey #brownie with the always

lovely @dafnelately ☺️ Of course… we agreed on the sweet potato flavour for our chosen scoop of ice-cream 😜

It’s certainly on the fudgey side but I’m not complaining as I don’t like it so cakey anyway. The sweet potato flavour came throouuughhh on this heavenly à la mode 😋 There’s a lovely creaminess that makes every mouthful worth the bite of sugar 🤩 Also, i don’t know what that crispy shard is but I always love an added textural bite 🙌 My only critique is that with the drizzle of syrup or caramel… it makes it just a notch too sweet for me. I still remember struggling to get through it as I kept refreshing my mouth with Orchid’s Breath, context right here 👉 https://app.abillion.com/reviews/62f90bcfd35b4f4e4913a04f

$ 12.90 is the same for the much larger waffle so I might prefer that… but this is still a great brownie #vegandessert

Great cafe, great ambience, great for the #sweettooth 🤟

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