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  • Spinach In Gac Fruit Sauce
  • Spinach In Gac Fruit Sauce

Spinach In Gac Fruit Sauce

by Hum Vegetarian, Garden & Restaurant


4.80 (5)

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29 September 2020
Omggg 🏵😳😳 this is so so so so aesthetically pretty lol 🌹🌹🌺 it’s like an

art piece and tasty toooo😋

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2 July 2020
Presentation: Eye-catching and unique

Taste: Tangy and sweet from the oranges

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29 June 2020
This dish is usually more reddish and saucy.

It is very good and beautiful looking. I wish they poured more of the relish onto this salads.

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16 February 2020
This dish is like a piece of art!

So beautiful! 🌻💐😍

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22 September 2019
Gac fruit is apparently momordica cochinchinensis.

This place’s presentation of this dish is phenomenal. Due to the this apps square scale I want able to capture the flower at the end of the platter. On top of everything, it’s delicious!

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