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Most helpful reviews

This milkshake was just what I needed !
It was already vegan , you just

need to ask for a vegan Oreo shake as it’s not on the menu.
Very close to a perfect milkshake !
Dog not Vegan 😂

So great to have a vegan option especially a milkshake

So this Oreo milkshake was HUGE!! I loved that it wasn't overly sweet and I

enjoyed the Oreos around the side of the glass. I would say it's more of a frappe than a milkshake though as it's not creamy but rather quite icy.
It is very pricey though and I'm not sure that I would order it again.
3/90 challenge

Taste was nice, but not blended very well and little bits of ice in it...huge

portion so I couldn’t finish it. It’s ok #pigsnpaws

Wow! Absolutely amazingly delicious milkshake with a generous amount of Oreo and a large serving

Really great milkshake! This is no longer on the menu but I asked if they

could make it and they did happily!

This is a little slice of heaven. I want to swim in it. Absolutely delicious.

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