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  • Pineapple Tau Sar Piah

Pineapple Tau Sar Piah

by House Of Tau Sar Piah


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23 August 2020
When most pineapple tarts or pillows are loaded with butter & egg wash, the closest

pineapple pastry is this vegan version from House of Tau Sar Piah. The pastry is light and flaky. Haha this is the only time you can call someone flaky and still be ok to be in love! The filling (feeling lol pardon the pun) you get is warm & fuzzy. Just sweet enough (& not over saccharine sweet) to make you pine for more. This is my favourite version of the vegan Tau Sar Piahs here.

Tau Sar Piahs are made from beans. The owners make it by hand themselves and make it vegan with no egg or butter. They are just next to the temple and lots of vegetarians are old time loyal customers. I did not eat this growing up, yeah a bit of a deprived childhood in terms of tradition. I am now finding my roots through food.

Read more about Tau Sar Piah in my review of the sweet version.

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Having tried the Matcha tau sar pia, I dived into Pineapple flavour next. It's not

bad! Though personally I prefer matcha flavour.

Liked how crispy it is. I was there on a super rainy day and i had them in my car. They were little comforts from heaven really!

Been trying to find vegan tausarpia for my Guo Da Li (过大礼), and came across HOTSP online. Went down and indeed didn't disappoint. Definitely gonna choose them to help me with my Guo Da Li's Tau sar pia!

Note that they can't help print the 喜 wording on the pastry as they have tried before, the results aren't too good, so they suggested not. The word is a little too complicated and will get distorted the moment it rises while baking in the oven. But we can always get our own 喜boxes to put the TSPs in it. They are willing to help us with the packing and all. So sweet!

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I'm not a fan of pineapple, but just thought to try the flavour since it's...

chinese new year. So it's the one right at the top. Haha. I think it has this burst of sweetness that goes away quickly because the piah doesn't have much strong flavour to it. I can't tell if the sweetness comes from added sugar or purely from the pineapple. I suspect the former~ correct me if I'm wrong! #abillionlove

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Attention: this is a vegetarian TSP outlet and their pastry is made from VEG OIL

not lard!!! This is one of my favourite flavours— tastes like a pineapple tart dream. 🍍 and it’s eighty cents

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