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  • Seaspiracy Seafood Platter
  • Seaspiracy Seafood Platter

Seaspiracy Seafood Platter

by Holy Carrot


4.45 (4)

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12 May 2022
Incredibile questa varietà di antipasti di “pesce” vegan, per il “tonno” hanno usato i pomodori

e credo anche l’anguria,davvero incredibile

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28 March 2022
Loved the different textures and consistencies found in this dish.

It reminded me of sushi cause of its consistencies and presentation but not flavor wise. Still very interesting

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22 February 2022
Limited edition platter containing: calamari, tuna maki, scallop maki, tofish & chips, crab croquette and

black rice tartar.

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14 May 2022
It was really fun and interesting trying to understand what kind of vegetables were hidden

in this really tasty plate!

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