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Most helpful reviews

Yummy mix of salad and fried crunchy murukku+falafel. Has a nice sweet and spicy mix.

Definitely worth a try. Good price point for the quantity of falafels and salad. #abillionturns3

The standard tzatziki is not vegan but you can order a different dip on the

side. Other than that, it has great falafel donuts (?) and the cauliflower “rice” texture is really nice

I forgot my packed lunch yesterday 😵 and my house keys! I ended up with

food from @unclenorton’s favourite lunch spot 😛 The #tzatziki is not vegan 👎 but you can swap it out for something else if you’d like to 🤗 I went for a beetroot miso dip! Luckily if you mark yourself as having a dairy allergy, they do notify you to swab it out. Excellent labelling! I’m only upset that it basically means none of their signature bowls are vegan by default. Seriously guys? Meat & dairy in 2023? Embarrassing 💀💀 Some other notable swaps I made were their fried eggplant 🍆 & carrot salad 🥕 for broccoli 🥦 & brussel sprouts 🌱 I might as well have just made my own bowl 😂 Notably their #takeout packaging has plastic, but it’s at the very least PET plastic.. that ends up in the bin like everything else in Singapore 🤷‍♀️ #veganized #recyclablepackaging

really wholesome and and well-rounded meal :) the portions are pretty substantial and definitely justifies

the cbd price. the falafels and spiced chickpeas were especially yummy! the crisps added a really nice crunch as well!

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