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The lotus is like the texture of those fried garlic chips (if you ever had

that, and without the garlic taste). I think because these ones were cooked longer or differently than the previous batch I had last year. I believe the other chip is tapioca and it is not bad, taste like any regular chip. The dip was not as flavorful as I imagined it to be but has a soft kick. I expected it to be spicy but it is not.

Personally, I think they gave very little dip as I seem to always finish the dip before I finish the chips (but maybe its also because I dip too much dip onto my chip before eating that chip and hence not having enough dip for my chip)

(P.S. I know the sticker says Salad Stop but this was from Heybo, it’s from the deliveroo store that delivers Heybo, Salad Stop and Wooshi meals)

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