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The Vegan Mac Burger

by Herbivorous


5.00 (6)

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1 July 2019
Super delicious!

Love filling my tummy with Herbivorous goodies💚 #greyton

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19 November 2019
Yohhh this burger is something else!

Defs couldn’t finish it by myself and the boyf was blown away as well with how good this was

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21 June 2020
This burger ticked all the boxes - tasted amazing, size-wise it is super filling (especially

with a portion of fries) and it looks good too. Definite value for money.

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4 October 2019
This is my favourite vegan burger and I love to pair it with their vegan

chocolate milkshake - yummy :) #greyton

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4 April 2020
This was probably the best vegan burger I’ve ever had.

Not the best picture but I was absolutely blown away. #greyton

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27 February 2020
Great burger with amazing flavour and super filling

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