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The Beyond Burger

by Herbivorous


4.63 (8)

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17 October 2019
Best beyond burger I've had.

The patty is well prepared and it makes all the difference. Saucy burger and delicious caramelized onions. Great value for...

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8 July 2019
The most exquisite burger EVER🍔🍔🍔🍔 it's bigger, better, juicier and tastier than the average burger.

Value for money? Hell yeah! Throw in a vanilla milkshake and you will have one happy...

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14 August 2020
Love the beyond burger and especially the herbi take on it, delicious

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29 July 2020
So good!

Who needs Mac Donald’s?!? Not us 👊🏻 10/10

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1 April 2020
I never used to like the beyond burger until I tried Herbivorous’s beyond cheese burger!

He makes it so delicious!

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4 January 2020

My favourite version of the Beyond Burger. Honestly better than any meat burger I have ever eaten.

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30 November 2019
So so amazing.

Love the beyond burger and all the toppings were super fresh. My father and gran are both meat eaters and said it was the best burger they had eaten in a long time!

23 November 2019
I’ve recently started transitioning towards veganism and I just loved this burger.

Best tasting Vegan Burger I’ve had so far.