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Loaded fries

by Herbivorous


4.63 (8)

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16 June 2020
Fries literally loaded with tasty BBQ bacon bits, spicy mayo and cashew cream cheese.

A junk food feast.

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29 July 2020
Amazing bacun and cheeze sauce on a mountain of fries, divine.

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24 March 2020
I rarely order fries because too often it's the only vegan option on a lot

of menus and I get tired of them, but this is the one Fries that I will always order because it's just so damn good. It has bacon, cashew cream and cheese and it all goes together so well!

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17 October 2019
Tastes great and hits the spot.

Generous portion size and comes in earth friendly packaging.


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11 June 2020
On the far right you can see a mountain of fries covered in spicy mayo,

cashew cream cheese and BBQ bacon/seitan bits. The flavours go together so well and it definitely hit the spot. Not very nutritional and definitely perfect for an indulgent fast food day.

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4 January 2020
Delicious and packed!

My favourite chip dish ever. Great vegan cheese, vegan bacon and extras...so much food and not pricey at all.

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4 March 2020
Want something extra on your fries?

Bro. This fully loaded fried deal gives you everything you want and more. You never knew you wanted vegan bacon, spring onion and cashew sauce on your chips until you've had...

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22 March 2020
Why order normal fries if you can have this loaded masterpiece?

Just perfect

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