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Chickun Panini

by Herbivorous


4.04 (5)

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29 July 2020
So good.

So filling. So realistic. You wouldn’t know it’s ethical ;)

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11 February 2021
This was a pleasant sandwich, definitely filled with unique flavours!

Although there was a bit too much mayo for my liking, others who tasted this panini said that it tasted like perfection 😇

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20 February 2020
I love this vegan chicken panini so so much.

It is absolutely delicious and so filling that i usually have one for lunch and one for dinner. One of my favourite meals.

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10 October 2020
I did not like this.

Didn't like the taste of the mayo as well as the chickun pieces.

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19 April 2020
One of my absolute favorite sandwiches in Cape Town.

I have to have this at least once a week