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Miso Ramen

by Herbivore


4.07 (15)

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25 April 2022
Miso goodness with bbq meat, tofu slab and 🍄.

Love the chewy noods

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26 September 2020
The miso ramen is also nice.

Great to have vegan ramen as it is hard to find any outside which are normally in meat broth. The soup is salty and tasty. The pickles help to balance the...

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1 January 2021
oh myyy GOOD RAMEN I liked it!

satisfied my ramen cravings other than the noodles being slightly jellier than I liked, would prefer proper wheat ramen! the soup was flavorful and not super miso-y, had a little mushroom flavour too! reminds me of ramen hehe and the beancurd was so soft and squishy my bf loved it HAHHAHA the mushrooms quite meh though but overall my bf and I enjoyed this hehe #veganuary

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24 August 2022
Typically… I’m pretty conservative in portion control when it comes to ordering for the

table, even if it’s only for 2. However, I went real splurgey on this gastronomical vacation 😅

How could I resist ordering #ramen 🤤 such bouncy bites of #noodle...

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6 August 2022
A more commonplace miso soup 🍜 makes for a comforting meal.

Contains soothing healthy seaweed and mushrooms. My non veg family enjoyed this comforting soup. 🍜

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14 October 2020
This is a nice addition to mains, however I found it a little too salty.

I also liked the mushrooms they added.


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13 September 2021
I didn’t like this dish unfortunately.

Personally, I found it really bland and lacking any flavour other than miso and corn. Wouldn’t recommend unless you absolutely love miso 😅

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20 April 2020
Not too salty with the miso base, overall it's good with portions of chasu and

ramen noodles are kinda springy.

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22 October 2021
one of the cheaper dishes at herbivore (around $13).

noodles were really good, not overcooked nor undercooked. really love the miso broth, it was really rich and i finished all of it! the serving is rather generous for the...

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20 February 2021
My friend had this and love the soup base.

Yummy. Noodles portion is generous hence ask for lesser if cannot eat too much~ this cost 13sgd #abillionlove

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