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14 September 2022
The very best fried “chicken” I’ve had! The bucket came with fried “chicken” (boneless, of

course 😉), biscuits, and tater tots (not pictured: too delicious and irresistible…did not make it into the photo). Choice of dipping sauces, and all are very good— I chose ranch and a tangy Butcher sauce. A small bucket serves two, possibly with left overs.

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Chicken with macaroni and cheese are among everyone’s favorites. The chicken is savory and *fried*

and the mac is creamy and couldn’t be better. Everything is vegan at Herbie Butcher’s Fried Chicken!

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They need to open 50 more locations - this vegan chicken is astonishingly good. The

flavor, the texture, the coating... yes to all! Absolutely delicious. Brought to you by the amazing #herbivorousbutcher in Minneapolis, MN.

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