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Waffles served fresh with generous scoop of vegan ice cream. Waffles still maintains crispyness for

a duration probably other waffles will begin to sog. A joy to eat so recommended to try this! 👍🏼

2 scoops were peanut butter and some chocolate thing I wasn't into. Maybe I should

just stick to spicy mains

Another vegan ice cream place! This place specialises in making #icecreams out of unusual flavours

and guarantees they’re as delicious as the dish it’s based on. While I did not have the chance to savour their Thai Tomyum Soup ice cream or Cornflakes ice cream, their I Love You Soy #Matcha, Ginger Longan (da best), Cookie Monster and Let That #Mango ice cream scoops are super delicious. If you love Taiawanese Jiang Mu tea, that Ginger Longan is gonna taste familiar to you.

The #waffles were too dense for my liking

🧇 The heart-shaped waffle ($6) was crisp on the outside and soft, moist & part-chewy-part-fluffy

on the inside, reminiscent of rice flour bakes ✨ #sgbakes #sgwaffle

It was pretty good. The waffles were crispy and light. We had Cookie Monster and

coconut ice cream. They were decent. I liked them but my parents prefer the ice cream from Smoocht. It’s a preference but regardless it’s a pretty homely cafe. If you live near it’s a place you could visit!

Waffles are not bad, crispy and quite light inside. Ice cream is more of icy

texture, taste good too.

Price of the waffle with 2 scoops ice cream + 2 drinks(not more than $4

each drink) is $18. Quite good value for money. The waffle was by far the crispiest I have eaten. I am surprised they never use rice flour in this. I liked it but after looking at the ingredient list, I am not sure if I should like it. List is too long with additives and bleached flour which I am not hot about. But I know for this price, you cannot expect too much. So, just take it as an occasional vegan junk food treat. Another good thing was that they serve the maple syrup separately so you could choose not to drench the waffle with it and get diabetes.

They are now fully vegan! I got the waffles with two scoops of ice cream.

Tried Mango and Cookie Monster flavours for my first time here. This comes with a maple syrup actually, for the waffles. Looks like a normal sized portion but this is super filling. I’m definitely coming here again!

This one goes with Thai Milk Tea and Passion fruit combination. Thai milk tea is

an okay flavour but I loved the passion fruit one. It’s super strong, has its sour flavour and is really the best! Waffles of course is too good, fresh and fluffy.

Tried with Peppermint and Strawberry flavours this time. They both are great individually. The peppermint

one has a strong flavour and the aftertaste makes it harder to enjoy the next flavour. However I took my own time to finish one then wait for a while to taste the other. Great flavours but don’t go well together.

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