• Is Fabelhafter vegan? Yes! Fabelhafter is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

fabelhafter is a restaurant that offers a plant-based burger made from wheat. The burger is served on a sourdough bun and includes avocado cream and an orange-mustard sauce. The dish is described as satisfying and filling, with a tangy twist. Reviews suggest that it is a must-try for both vegans and meat lovers.

4.31 (27)

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Most helpful reviews

Sourdough bun, wheat patty, greens and avocado cream! Huge burger. Order the lunch set and

it comes with a side,a cold drink and a hot drink. The patty is chewy and well flavored. But I love the avocado cream and other sauce in this burger. There is a slight hint of spiciness. Do I detect a slight bit of wasabi? I could hv ordered the vegetarian burger but am glad I didn't! They also have a ton of vegan sauces. This is vegan food done right! Not the 'no cheese no sauce' kind of veganized burger.

Cosa más buena ❤️ estoy realmente enamorada de este lugar !!
Esta hamburguesa tenía una salsa

de mostaza con naranja, una crema de palta y verduras! Muy sabrosa y jugosita🤤

Absolutely love that #hansimgluck has 4 vegan burger options in addition to 7 vegetarian burgers.

That’s 11 #plantforward options that don’t require you to ask them to change anything! The fabelhafter (I have no idea what that means) has a wheat patty with avocado 🥑 cream, an amazing orange-mustard sauce and the basics like arugula and sliced tomatoes and onions. Served on a multigrain bun with steak fries. I absolutely loved the orange mustard sauce and the patty was pretty darn good! This is a huge burger which even I thought about giving up on but I powered through 🍔🧛‍♀️🤣

A marvelous burger. The wheat patty is tasty with a pleasantly-flavored avocado cream and an

orange mustard sauce. #crfsg

photos aren’t the best oops but personally feel that $17 ($20 with gst and service

charge) was not really worth it:( you can choose from sourdough or multigrain bread and I got the multigrain!
huge portion and I almost couldn’t finish it (took a break halfway HAHAHA and keep in mind I have like quite a big appetite?? my other friend gave up on the bread and just ate the patty) I feel that it was a pretty meh burger, maybe a good vegan burger but not super good for the price? I expected more :/ patty was meaty, sauce was okay, and bread was also nice and soft I guess, just overall pretty underwhelming. my friend who got the same burger was complaining about a slight wasabi taste that she doesn’t like, not sure whether it’s from the orange mustard sauce or the avocado cream?? also there were raw onions inside so if you’re like me and hate raw onions, request for none😂 after eating this I also felt a little gross (not as bad as meat burgers) that i usually wont feel with veg burgers so🤷‍♀️
brought a bunch of meat eaters there too, and they were all complaining about how the food was not worth the price at all. overall the food was meh but definitely not worth the price! probably won’t go back there:(

THE BEST BURGER I HAVE EVER HAD! Don’t Attack me but I feel like they

are better than beyond meat🤷🏻‍♀️ sorry not sorry but beyond meat just leaves a bitter after taste in my mouth that I can’t really describe. This one is just well-balanced and at the same tIme full of flavour! I wish they didn’t put so much sauce on mine though cuz my bun became a little too soggy from the avocado cream sauce and there was one more at the bottom of the patty which I forgot. Should request for little to no sauce next time(hahahahaha sorry that’s just me, I just am not the put-sauce-In-every-type-of-food girl) I’m sure everybody else would love it just the way it is though so you do you!
i had the multigrain bun but they also have sourdough available. Beware that this burger is $17(w/wo set) and im a small person so the burger was already enough for me even without the fries but if you really want to maximise your cash then order it with the fries!
will try their other vegan burgers next time!

Have been coming back for the same burger for the fourth or fifth time after

a non vegan friend recommended their burgers. So many vegan choices and I always stick to this as I’m a fan of avocado. Even their sauces are mostly vegan! Love the juicy patty as agreed by my friends and the crispy fries. The set meal is very worth it. Interesting that during this period they are offering 2 drinks for the set which my friend commented its common in their country to order a drink at the end of a meal.

Wheat patty with avocado cream, orange-mustard sauce & herby garden salad. This is no beyond

patty, so for me more delicious. I don't like when the vegan burgers come too close to real meat. The burger is normal size and for 17 Dollars not bad. If you size up to a non-alcoholic combo for an additional 5 Dollars, you get a side, a drink and a hot drink included. Which is a pretty good deal. The sides are quite tastey as well. And the orange-mustard sauce really takes the crown!

Sourdough bun with thick wheat patty, avocado cream and orange-mustard sauce ($17). Love the patty,

chewy and taste like korean luncheon. But doesn't justify for the slightly steep price

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