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Most helpful reviews

So happy that Hans Im Gluck keeps on expanding their vegan burger menu. This is

one of their newest burger. It has a nice and tender cauliflower patty with spicy and slightly sweet curry sauce. Very yummy! 😋

Really satisfying, hearty burger. Very pricey though.

Who done told them to put carrots in a burger?? 💀💀 I was like happily

enjoying this thine wonderful #burger when guhh-chunk ⁉️ unsolicited nutrition 😵 At least the #patty was #deepfried to perfection 👌 Now I know it’s secretly healthy too cause that’s how vegetables work; Trust me I am a nutrition 🧑‍⚕️ I definitely love the #curry flavour, a lil smokey 💨, a lil chokey 👨, but somehow makes the meal feel a lil lighter even if the portion is a lil on the not so lil side 🫄 Get the S$4 beer and fries with the set by the way! So.. so.. good 🤤

One of the best places to enjoy vegetarian/vegan burgers in Singapore with a lot of

options as well.

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