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Most helpful reviews

Very nice soothing fragrant chamomile tea. Part of the set meal add on which comes

with a hot drink, a cold drink, and a side for just $5 more. The set is good for sharing so you don't overeat. I found this very good and clean, it was a good complement to the burger which was quite salty, and I could sip it to wash the burger down. #veganin2020

Slightly minty and sweet even without sugar. The restaurant also provides free flow of hot

water so more tea YAYYY!!!! I just love how thoughtful the restaurant and staff are:)

—> Tastes like pukka’s herbal chamomile, with notes of ginger and other warming ingredients in

the blend.
—> Hot water is refillable.
—> You can also choose to add $2 for latte / artisan tea etc!


A nice, calming way to end a good meal. It has a minty mouthfeel! 😌

This came with the burger set as well. It was light and fragrant 😊

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