Nut Butter and Açai Bowl

  • Is Nut Butter and Açai Bowl vegan? Yes! Nut Butter and Açai Bowl is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.30 (8)

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Most helpful reviews

Nothing can go wrong with this combination of nut butter, nut crumbs and cacao nibs

atop a cool refreshing bowl of açai! Only gripe I have is the açai bowl melting too quickly but that’s the fault of global warming #chocoholic

I love chia seeds in açai because they keep you fuller for longer. This large

açai bowl is so filling it‘s enough to be a meal on its own. I really like this one, maybe even more than I like Project Açai’s!

Tried the nutty açaí bowl from Haakon. It had a lot of chia pudding which

took up a lot of space…would have preferred it to be all açaí 😆 I still like #momoacai more as I can really taste the nut butter and not as sweet 😊 But overall this is still nice and refreshing.

#veganisnotscary #acaibowl

This is my favorite açaí bowl in town! It’s super tasty and not as expensive

(still $$ though) as some other açaí bowls in sg. #veganisnotscary

Haakon’s acai is one of my favourites. I love the combination of fruits and nuts

added into the acai bowl so there is a great variety!

I love this but they’ve reduced the quantity making it SUPER expensive!!! 8 dollars for

barely any açaí?!?

The taste though is phenomenal! I’ve been eating their açaí bowls since I was in high school so it’s a nostalgic taste 💖

I’m an açaí bowl addict so I try as many as I can. But nothing

can beat haakon’s!!

I get extra cacao nibs with mine 🍫

Pretty decent Acai bowl here!!! Portion is big and filling (good to share), and honestly

feel like the Acai could have been more packed with flavour, but it was still really refreshing frozen☺️ really generous portion of frozen fruits, and all the fruits were of good quality🥳🥳 chia seed parfait at the bottom was pretty good too; but my favourite was biting into the cashews, almonds and pumpkin seeds because they go so well with the Acai🤤 would be back for this! Only thing was I couldn’t really taste the nut butter? :o maybe they forgot to put it in haha

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