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  • Falafel And Quinoa Bowl
  • Falafel And Quinoa Bowl

Falafel And Quinoa Bowl

by Haakon Superfoods and Juice


4.95 (4)

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17 March 2021
What a great combination of flavors and colors.

And lots of quinoa.

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27 April 2020
Tasty quinoa.

Very mild rich tasty seasoning with balsamic fragrant sauce. Beetroot hummus was really good tasting, along with nicely roasted pumpkin. Falafels were crunchy and...

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1 August 2020
The falafel and quinoa grain bowl ($10.90) which came with a generous serving of quinoa

that was very fragrant and tasty with pesto sauce, substantial falafel cakes, creamy and aromatic beetroot hummus, smoky baked pumpkin, and cold raw zoodles. This bowl was warm and rich in flavour (except for the zoodles), making it an overall satisfying and healthy meal. The nutritional information on the website also indicates that this bowl has pretty good macros: 364.5 calories, 28g P, 12.5g F, 35g C.

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11 December 2020
Healthy, nutritious and warm food.

Great for both lunch and dinner :)


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