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Classic Acai Bowl

by Haakon Superfoods and Juice
4.35 (20)
  • Is Classic Acai Bowl vegan? Yes! Classic Acai Bowl is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the restaurant

Haakon Superfoods and Juice
Haakon Superfoods and Juice31 dishes · 123 reviews

#B2-14, 313 @ Somerset, 313 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238895

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Most helpful reviews

A beautiful medley of fresh fruits and shaved coconut atop a bed of acai makes

for a satisfying treat in such sweltering heat! Ordered the large one. Total bliss 🤤 #abillionturns3

Every sunday is a day for a cheat meals. Açai bowls always scare the hell

out of me with its sugar content, but sometimes you just gotta live a little. Their açai has a thick consistency & is topped with a wide variety of fruits & granola. You can also add a nut butter of your choice with additional costs. I always go for their almond butter, although it is unnaturally runny/watery. I assume they mix it with water to save as much as of the nut butter as they can. I love the restaurant because their menu is designed to be inclusive for all diets, with a wide range of vegan options available.

Pitaya=dragonfruits swapped with mangoes. 0.5 stars gone bcos of the void in my wallet after

this #crf if you byo + takeaway you get 50cents off. i byo-ed but dine in = same price. I should have 🙂

My favourite acai bowl in Singapore! ❤️ I love it because the acai smoothie part

is so thick and full of acai, like a sinless ice cream, and to balance off the sweetness, it comes with a chia pudding at the bottom which just renders the overall texture perfect. It also comes with mindblowing crunchy granola on the top. I always splurge and add on almond butter. I’ve had this so many times so I’ll admit that it has good days and bad days, probably depending on who makes it, but I always come back for more! (Just a side note that this is the only food I really like at haakon. So far, the savory vegan options have been average.)

This should have been a two dish review. Considering Amanda ordered another açaí bowl and

requested I helped her finish the rest of her bowl. But let’s start with the classics, Haakon’s Classic Açaí Bowl. The fruits were sweet and they were so generous with the toppings. The kiwi was a nice blend of sweet and sour just how I like it. As hot days go in Singapore, this hit the spot.

I’ve never been a big açaí fan but in recent days I’ve been having weird boy cravings for it. Funny story, I was at 313 earlier this week and tried looking for one but couldn’t find any. Decided upon Boost and just as I buy it I stumbled across Haakon 🙂.

Kinda ex at $7.90 for a small bowl, but the sweetness level of the açai

was of just the right level for me, and it paired really well with the medley of fruits, granola, chia seed pudding & other toppings! :)

It’s very sweet.Not sure if there are added sugars but I did enjoy that there

was a variety of fruit, coconut and granola to provide texture. I will try their other flavours as the açai itself was really good.

Mhmm 👌🏼 always love a classic good acai bowl at town when An Acai Affair

isn’t around town 😂😋

the acai itself pretty thick and creamy, and not icy which is great! i found

the sweetness level to be alright. the fruit toppings were fresh but i wish the portion was bigger for the price (can't remember exactly how much this was but it was rather pricy).

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